Mil-Tec USMC Woodland Vegetato Tactical Vest review

 Mil-Tec USMC Woodland Vegetato Tactical Vest review


This item was supplied by very helpful and friendly. I have used them a few times now for getting Airsoft kit and each time they have addressed my needs fully. Usually they have all items in stock that are on their website, but in the rare circumstances they are not when you do order the item they will do there best to get you an alternative item to the equivalent spec.


The item was well boxed with a lot of padding around it for just a vest. I would have thought from the packaging that they were sending a breakable item. I am pleased with how it was packed and for definite there was no way it would get damaged in the post.


The item was dispatched late in the day but I still received it the following day. I even got an email saying that my parcel would arrive between 10:42 and 11:42. The item turned up just a little over 11am. This meant I didn’t have to wait in all day but just in that given time slot that I had. This was a fantastic courier service used.

1st Impressions:

From my 1st impressions there is far too much green strapping and not enough Vegetato camouflage on the vest. It comes with 2 M4 double magazine pouches, 1 Pistol holster, a little utility pouch and pistol magazine holder. It also comes with a Green combat belt which is a nice addition to have.  If there was less green strapping then this would allow the Vegetato camouflage to work a lot better.


Fitting the vest to be comfortable is a 2 person job unlike my plate carrier which you can adjust on your own. Once fitted, minute adjustments can be made easily which is good. You have adjustment in the chest, shoulders and back areas.

The belt that is supplied with the vest is well constructed but has some flaws with it. The main one being you cannot take one of the ends fully apart to install a belt holster which is what I was hoping for when I bought 2 belt holsters. I had to use myself another belt for the belt holsters.


Wearing this at a days skirmish, I knew I was wearing it as it was a different feel to a plate carrier but it was a lot more comfortable as it hugged my body more with out pulling too much on the shoulders.

The vest is made of a fairly heavy weight material in regards to the fact that it can take a lot of punishment and I dare not try it but I’m presuming it would stand up to it being used to drag someone out the way with, either in real combat, medical emergency or just scenarios of the particular game play. It however breathes well, keeping you at a nice temperature yet not getting you overly sweaty on its own. Thrown in with all your gear, backpack, guns etc then there is no way your going to not sweat in this vest. I don’t think there are any vests out there or even clothing that is that good at keeping you dry from sweat

Skirmish ability:

This vest held up well to a good days skirmishing. The only downfall is the lack of M4 magazine pouches because you have a pistol holster. The slight downfall of loosing magazine pouches is overcome by the pistol holster. This enables you to have very fast access to your pistol. If you don’t mind the pistol getting dirty then this vest is good for woodland skirmishing. If not get yourself a couple more M4 magazine pouches. Fit them and have a drop leg holster. If you don’t mind it getting dirty. Drop leg magazine pouches overcome the vests lack of magazine pouches.

The holster held all the smaller pistols that I tried in it, such as a P229, Glock 18c, PT99 but it will not as many of you will know; hold a Desert Eagle, .45 Socom or any other large pistol. I cannot try a revolver in it due to recently selling mine, But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t fit in this holster that comes with the vest.


This is a very good vest for the price, there are a few changes that I would make to the vest to make it work more with Vegetato camouflage as the green strapping over it makes it stand out a bit more than it would without them straps. However I have managed to hide well in this vest. I had to use Marpat as the base as I don’t have Vegetato Battle Dress. The holster is good but I would have to say if you are going to be crawling a lot then don’t have the magazine in the pistol as you lean against the magazine release and lose your magazine. I was lucky to find the magazine but this is something to be careful of. If you had this version in Black and was doing CQB then it would be an awesome benefit as you don’t have to reach to your waist or leg, you just release your main weapon onto the sling and grab the pistol straight away.

The magazine pouches are nice and roomy and I with a little adjustment fitted in the 430rd size magazines. Any Stanag magazines will fit in these pouches.  The pistol magazine pouches will take both double and single stack magazines, but I would be more careful with single stack magazines slipping out.


Construction:8 /10
Usability: 7/10
Ease of adjustment: 8/10
Durability: 8/10