PDI 13mm VSR 280 spring review

PDI 13mm VSR 280 spring review


The parts were supplied from x-fire.org which are the official distributors of PDI products from Japan. There customer service is superb and with juggling shows and meetings the sales manager managed to help me out very quickly and helpfully.


The item was superbly wrapped and no damage was present to the inner package. The items were all wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then any loose space was filled with little sausages of bubble wrap. They were then placed in a cardboard tray, covered in another layer of bubble wrap and then covered in a final layer of brown heavy wrapping paper


Item was shipped via EMS and was superb, within 2 days the item was within the UK and then the following day it was delivered to my door. The tracking service was kept fully up to date with its progress.

1st Impressions:

Excellently made spring evenly spaced coils and very stiff, about the same length of a normal spring but a fair bit stiffer.


Very easy to install into the cylinder set as the spring needs only a small amount of compression to get the cylinder head onto it.

FPS test:

The results this spring gave are follows:

  • Shot 1 – 567fps
  • Shot 2 – 568fps
  • Shot 3 – 567fps
  • Shot 4 – 570fps
  • Shot 5 – 569fps

The results were produced with 0.20g ammo. The rifle was tested on a Guarder chrono.


Excellent spring and gives consistent results. This has had about 30 rounds through her now and is still consistently shooting an average of 568fps. With a looser barrel it should give about 500fps – 525 fps. If you go tighter still to 6.00mm then you should expect nearer 600fps



Consistency of fps: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

Construction: 10/10