PDI Bore up Premier Palsonite set VC Review

PDI Bore up Premier Palsonite set VC Review


The parts were supplied from x-fire.org which are the official distributors of PDI products from Japan. There customer service is superb and with juggling shows and meetings the sales manager managed to help me out very quickly and helpfully.


The item was superbly wrapped and no damage was present to the inner package. The items were all wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then any loose space was filled with little sausages of bubble wrap. They were then placed in a cardboard tray, covered in another layer of bubble wrap and then covered in a final layer of brown heavy wrapping paper


Item was shipped via EMS and was superb, within 2 days the item was within the UK and then the following day it was delivered to my door. The tracking service was kept fully up to date with its progress.

1st Impressions:

I was so excited upon opening the parcel. The cylinder set was so light but so robust, I could not wait to get it installed and firing. The construction is fantastic, all tolerances are highly precise. The laser welding of the cylinder has no flaws and no gaps. The piston is lightweight and is made of Duralmin. The vacuum system adds a slight bit of weight to the piston but it’s no heavier than the standard piston. The o-rings on the cylinder head are good quality with no defects or kinks.


If you have a normal VSR cylinder and receiver you will need to purchase the bore up cylinder rings to stop the play between the cylinder and receiver. If you have like myself the bore up receiver (see my other review for details) then you won’t need them.

Installation of the cylinder is easy; to construct the cylinder you need the correct spring for the bore up cylinder which is the 13mm PDI springs. Put the spring guide into the cylinder, spring next (with a small bit of silicon grease on it to stop the twang) and then piston. If the spring is too long for the cylinder you can push down on it with the cylinder head until it catches and then quickly screw it up finger tight. If its still to powerful you can very very carefully push the piston down with a screwdriver and then screw the cylinder head on. The cylinder head can be tightened up fully with a 17mm spanner.

Once the cylinder is complete you can replace the cocking handle from the old one and then install it in place of the original set and fire away. You will need to apply a small bit of grease on the outside of the cylinder for a smooth action.


The action with this set is really smooth and the trigger pull is smooth, the vacuum cylinder head system works by removing any suck back the piston may create when it’s finished going forward. The o-rings on the inside of the cylinder head give cushion for the piston and the outer one seals the nozzle to the hop rubber giving higher efficiency.


I am officially in love with a spring vsr platform. This is so smooth, the cocking is a bit stiff the first few times but after the grease has worn in a bit it becomes a dream. Firing it makes a nice pop and the round flies dead straight. No curve or anything. After firing about 30 shots I noticed that all the internal screws of the cylinder set were loose, I undid the entire piston and spring guide, cleaned up the threads of any old Loctite and then completely covered all the threads in Studlock Grade 0270 which was good for automotive use on high vibration parts.


Usability: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10

Construction: 10/10

Ease of installation: 9/10

Reliability 8/10