PDI Bore up Receiver Review

PDI Bore up Receiver Review


The parts were supplied from x-fire.org which are the official distributors of PDI products from Japan. There customer service is superb and with juggling shows and meetings the sales manager managed to help me out very quickly and helpfully.


The item was superbly wrapped and no damage was present to the inner package. The items were all wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then any loose space was filled with little sausages of bubble wrap. They were then placed in a cardboard tray, covered in another layer of bubble wrap and then covered in a final layer of brown heavy wrapping paper


Item was shipped via EMS and was superb, within 2 days the item was within the UK and then the following day it was delivered to my door. The tracking service was kept fully up to date with its progress.

1st Impressions:

The receiver was a lot lighter than I thought it would be and was a lot stronger too, I thought this would be made from a heavier metal to stop damage but the Duralmin is extremely strong and very light.


Installation of the receiver is easy; you just have to exchange all the items off the old receiver onto the new one. All holes are in the correct place. The receiver is machined in 1 piece rather than 2 pieces so this enables easier installation and better tolerances. I did have a slight problem with installing the Bar10 trigger group. When it was tight it would not fire. Packing the unit away from the receiver by a couple of thou it worked fine, Fitting the Bar 10 outer barrel was also a problem because it wouldn’t screw in enough to enable it to fit the body.


Great receiver, very light and extremely well constructed. Only problem I came into was the Bar10 parts didn’t fit greatly to the receiver, Small amounts of modification got most the parts fitting and working well.



Usability: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Construction: 10/10