Polar Star Type 96 Upgrade parts review

Polar Star Type 96 Upgrade parts


These were supplied directly from where they are made in the USA. The suppliers/manufacturers of these are also the suppliers to the USE of EdGI products and Shredder custom work parts.


These items are in their retail packaging and all put into a much larger box with plenty of polystyrene foam padding. There was no way this was getting damaged in the post. I think the only way it would have got damaged was if it was crushed by a very heavy item.


Shipping took about a week to get from the USA to UK, this included the electronic shipment details being sent to the item reaching the UK, the items were delayed 2 days due to UK postal strikes. The items cleared customs within ½ a day due to being shipped from the US (china and HK shipments take longer to clear due to a lot of fake goods coming in as well).

1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box the items were well packaged, the items with the retail product leaflets in them were well designed, very clear and precise details about the products. Each item has an individual part number. These products are 100% USA designed, machined and packaged.


Fitting of these parts are really easy, for the barrel spacers it is a little trickier than the cylinder parts. To fit the cylinder parts you just remove the cheek rest and then pull down the spring guide stopper sear and the cylinder will pull out. Then you just have to swap in the new parts for the old. The barrel spacers you need to remove the outer barrel and then the inner barrel. Spread the two spacers out evenly along the length of the barrel and re-assemble.

Individual parts:

The individual parts of the upgrade kit are currently only available separate. The parts consist of the following items:

Spring guide:

This is CNC machined and its precision ground and polished. There is a thrust spacer on the bottom of the shaft for taking up some of the torque of the spring as it compresses. The hole in the middle for the cocking indicator is still there (I had to remove my indicator a while ago as it kept jamming up).
The Laylax one is slightly shorter than this spring guide, I feel the longer one helps with the cocking of the rifle (how ever unable to test due to having a Laylax Teflon cylinder fitted)


This piston is very light, I don’t have the original plastic piston to compare this item too but I do have a Laylax PSS96 part too compare it too. The Polarstar piston is slightly lighter feel than the Laylax one.

I found that you can use VSR springs with this piston and spring guide. This gives you more availability of springs to choose from.

The piston has 2 spacer rings instead of the Laylax one which only has one.

This piston is slightly longer than the Laylax one but they weight virtually the same.

I found that my piston would not fit into the Laylax Teflon cylinder because the rings were slightly too wide, I contacted Polarstar and they said “the rings were made to the mean diameter of all the available cylinders. So it might be the case some don’t fit if he tolerances are not that accurate” Within 1 week I had a set of smaller rings ready for testing. I fitted them and it fitted the cylinder perfectly.

Barrel spacers:

These are like most barrel spacers where they have the O-rings to stop them moving and take up any final vibrations that the barrel might have. They are a very tight fit into the outer barrel which helps improve the stabilisation. (I don’t have an EdGI barrel so I’m currently not going to be using these spacers).


The shot to shot consistencies that were produced with the Polarstar piston are as follows:

Shot 1:495 fps
Shot 2: 480 fps – Anomaly removed from average FPS
Shot 3: 494 fps
Shot 4: 497fps
Shot 5: 496fps
Shot 6: 499 fps
Shot 7: 495 fps
Shot 8: 498 fps
Shot 9: 495 fps
Shot 10: 496 fps

Average: 496 fps


Great parts, I found them to be better than the Laylax parts (that I had fitted originally) and the standard parts. The barrel spacers would be better being compatible with both EdGI and standard barrels. Maybe 2 different sets as the ones to fit EdGI barrels are useless being used with normal barrels or PDI upgraded hop which uses AEG barrels.
The fact that this will take normal Vsr and Maruzen springs gives you more choice of springs and powers.
I would love to see the spring guide have the thrust bearing on it like the VSR but I’m sure they will put this into development for future batches.
The Consistencies were very tight but there was the odd one occasionally that was 15 or so fps lower than the average. I made sure the piston and cylinder were air tight which they were, I checked the barrel and hop for air leaks and none were found. It was later discovered to be the difference between the old Blasters and New Blaster devil ammo, some had mixed in my pot and the Devils have a tighter tolerance giving the better consistencies over the shots.


Build Quality 8/10
Value for money 9/10
Improvements 9/10
Usability 9/10
Consistencies: 8/10