Polar Star VSR10 upgrade parts review

Polar Star VSR10 upgrade parts review


These were supplied directly from where they are made in the USA. The suppliers/manufacturers of these are also the suppliers to the USA of EdGI products and Shredder custom work parts.


These items are in their retail packaging and all put into a much larger box with plenty of polystyrene foam padding. There was no way this was getting damaged in the post. I think the only way it would have got damaged was if it was crushed by a very heavy item.

Shipping took about a week to get from the USA to UK, this included the electronic shipment details being sent to the item reaching the UK, the items were delayed 2 days due to UK postal strikes.  The items cleared customs within ½ a day due to being shipped from the US (china and HK shipments take longer to clear due to a lot of fake goods coming in as well).

1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box the items were well packaged, the items with the retail product leaflets in them were well designed, very clear and precise details about the products. Each item has an individual part number. These products are 100% USA designed, machined and packaged.


Fitting of these parts are really easy, the sears had no problems with the small little spring. Usually this can be a struggle but it seemed really easy on these. The guide for fitting most upgrade parts can be found on my VSR strip down guide.

Individual parts:

Later on Polar star are hoping to release complete upgrade kits but so far they are all sold separately.  Below is the review of each individual parts.

Spring guide:

This spring guide has a thrust bearing with hardened steel washers which help to eliminate the torque of higher power springs when they compress. This is an idea that is widely used on electric rifles but seen less on bolt action rifles. The spring guide is designed to take normal VSR springs and not PDI 13mm springs.


The piston has two available end caps, one for normal sears and one for a zero-trigger system. These just unscrew and then you loc-tite in the one you want to use. The piston has two spacer/packing rings on the shaft to keep it perfectly aligned in the cylinder; some pistons can catch the sears and tilt inwards towards the cylinder walls. This causes more wear to the moving parts. The spacers prevent this extra wear and tear occurring. The piston head is fitted with a cup instead of an o-ring and gives a nice seal to the cylinder walls.


The sears are made out of a 4140 Alloy steel construction, they are CNC machined, hardened and then tempered. The sliding sides have been polished to allow for a smoother trigger action. After fitting this part I really noticed the effect that the polished sides give to the sears. The cocking action is smooth and the trigger is lighter than before I swapped them over. I fitted the sears into my PDI VSR. I did have a small problem where fitting the stock caused random slam firing of the bolt when cocking (not locking back). I fixed this by removing the little safety plunger, this was a problem with the compatibility between the JG and PDI parts (I probably could have packed the trigger unit out slightly but the plunger only stops the rifle firing with the cocking handle up.

Barrel spacers:

Fitting the spacers to my G-spec I found to be a very tight fit, you have to work the o-ring into the outer barrel for a tight and snug fit. Once in you can push down into place with an old barrel. The good thing is they won’t move once you have them aligned. This allows the inner barrel to be removed leaving the spacers where you put them into the barrel. These spacers are designed for EdGI’s Bull barrels only. The o-rings on the inside of the spacers cushion the inner barrel and dampen any vibrations. The spacers then hold the barrel perfectly straight in the outer barrel.

Silencer adaptor:

The muzzle cap/silencer adaptor screws perfectly into my bar10 with no problems, it holds the EdGI barrel I have fitted perfectly. The thread for the silencer is a 14mm left handed thread. I have tested the fitting of a few silencers onto the thread and they all fitted nicely.



Shot to shot consistencies were as follows:

  • Shot 1: 396fps
  • Shot 2: 397fps
  • Shot 3: 401fps
  • Shot 4: 400fps
  • Shot 5: 400fps
  • Shot 6: 400fps
  • Shot 7: 395fps
  • Shot 8: 390fps
  • Shot 9: 403fps
  • Shot 10: 405fps

Average was 398fps.

These results were produced using a M100 spring, EdGI 6.00mm Barrel and the Well MB02 custom VSR platform.

The ammo used was Blaster 0.20g bb and was checked on a Competition Electronics Pro-chrono digital.

These parts are well designed and made, Its good to see some parts coming out of America and not the far east. The spring guide is the best I have seen for a VSR and I wish all were like it, The silencer adaptor supports the barrel nicely as well as giving a tight fit to a silencer. The barrel spacers need to be normal barrel o/d as well as supplied in EdGI bull barrel size too in my opinion.

I think that if this was all offered in a kit it would be the best kit to purchase. As individual parts they are a good price and as good as an alternative as the Laylax or other upgrade parts.

The good shot to shot consistencies gives me the confidence in my rifle, once the hop is set and a good ammo found I wont have to work about the power fluctuations like you occasionally get with other rifles.


Build Quality 9/10

Value for money 9/10

Improvements 9/10

Usability 8.5/10

Consistencies: 9/10