Redditch Airsoft Game site Review – Visit 20/02/2011

Redditch Airsoft Game site Review – Visit 20/02/2011

Site details:

The Game site is run in collaboration between Skirmish Paintball and Softac Airsoft.

Skirmish Paintball are in charge of the game site, but Softac run the events.

Hire guns are available and include 3000bb’s

Lunch is supplied (hot dog)
Tea and coffee is free for all Airsofters during the day. Other refreshments are sold on site as well.



There are 3 main marshals on site:


Karl: Very nice person never had a problem with him and he is in charge of most of the games.

Steve: Laid back but strict on cheaters, if you have a problem he usually will deal with it straight away

Mark: Very formal, will motivate teams very well but can be a bit over the top for some peoples liking.




The following rules apply:

All rifles must be chrono’d before entering the game arena.

All weapons should be loaded and unloaded in the firing range by the safe zone and not out in the game field, but this rule was relaxed this month as to last month.

If you are shot anywhere on the body, you are dead (depending on game style you either fall out to re-spawn or wait 2 minutes to be seen by a medic.

If you are shot on the gun, this doesn’t count as a hit.

If you are caught lifting your eye wear you will get a warning, do it again and you’re asked to leave the site.

None hit taking will result in being removed from the game for 5 minutes caught again you’re asked to leave the site.

No accusing players, report it to a marshal (except mark who does not like whingeing people)




Game Arena:


The game arena is mainly played on the Paintball side of the site, the site is a large 88 acre woodland site but the games usually take place within a 1 acre area. There are set scenarios, but you can’t lie down in too many places if you want to snipe as there are brambles everywhere. The site is also very muddy and slippy in winter so I would advise very good footwear and gaiters if you have them.


The game site has the following areas:



This is a 5m bridge over a very small stream with netting covering the bridge. There are ample trees, netting screens and barricades for shelter and it’s in a small V shaped valley so sometimes if your team’s positions are well thought out, the bridge is impossible to take without large flanking manoeuvres.




Comprises of what seems to be a fibre glass cockpit of a helicopter with lots of wooden barricades and satellite dishes for shelter. This can become a very ferocious battle area as it’s in a pine wooded area which makes it very dark, so you can’t see all everyone moving. This would be a great area for last man standing as long as you start evenly spaced out as there is plenty of barricades to hide behind.



As the title says, this is a barricade that is made to look like a church with grave stones for protection. This is easily defended from the front, but side attacks become a lot harder to defend. Rear attacks are near impossible to defend. The area is also right next to the safe zone so is a popular starting position for one of the teams.




This is made up of many 3 sided constructions, but is always an area that seems to attract a lot of blind firing. It can be utilised very well for defending objectives. If you storm the village fast, you can usually take it over, but moving slowly and in 1’s and 2’s will always result in the defenders keeping control of the village.




Basically this is just a wooden structure to look like a boat with lots of port holes cut in it. The rest of the field is covered with wooden boat shaped barricades.

In between the boat and the communication centres there are lots of barrels and water drums/boxes which give good cover but also are hard to fire from if you’re under incoming fire.




This comprises of 2 aircraft fuel tanks made to look like missiles. This area offers very little protection so you have to move further out to defend this from incoming attacks.


Communication centre:

This is at the very top of the main gaming area used; it is an easy area to defend with ferns to the side and a trench line at the rear which gives a great area to defend from if it comes to last man standing.


Forward communication centre:


This is right next to the missiles so usually this and the missiles are used as 1 objective. This tends to be one of the team’s starting points as it’s the opposite side the area from the church and bridge area.

The site really does need some work doing to it to make it friendlier for Airsoft. It might be okay for paintball as the paintball areas are clear, but walking through brambles to flank a team is very hard work.


Advertised start/finish time:


The officially advertised time from Skirmish paintball via their emails is for the game to start at 9:30 and finish at 4:30.


Safety Briefing:


The briefing started at 9:45 and lasted for 15 minutes. It included all the rules for the games and health and safety. Pyros and smokes were demonstrated. Full face protection is needed if you are less than 18 years of age.

Grenades are not to be used unless Mark 5 and under, 9mm or .22 BFG’s are allowed.


FPS limits:


The FPS limits for the site are:

350FPS AEG’s, GBBR’s and pistols

500FPS for single shot sniper rifles.


Game brief:


After the safety brief is over the game brief and team selection starts. The last few games Mark has been in charge of this and makes sure it’s as military like as possible.


Medic rule:


This was only used in a couple of the games. You get 2 lives. 1st time you are shot you have to shout medic. If you’re not rescued by a medic within 2 minutes you have to go to your re-spawn. If you are reached by a medic and he puts 2 hands on you and counts to 10 slowly you can rejoin until shot again where you wait 2 minutes and then go to your re-spawn where your lives start over again. If on either of your 2 lives when you’re waiting the 2 minutes, the enemy can capture you and escort you to their spawn before you have to return to your spawn point. This results in you being out of the battle for that little extra time.

However if you’re shot again while being revived by a medic, both you and that player are classed as dead.


Games played:


On the day we played 4 games:




We had 4 areas to capture and turn the target over from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1 depending on your team.

This went very slowly to start with but towards the end, when team 2 finally got working together with the marshals help, it became an intense fire fight with lots of adrenaline. This round ended up as a draw. For most of the game however it was a rules 4 – 0 to team 1 who were slaughtering

Team 2.




There we 5 main objectives and once you took the next objective, the previous became your spawn point, until your area came under fire then it went back one. This was designed to make it face paced and for team work to be key. This ended up with Team 1 destroying Team 2 after a good fire fight between the church, chopper and bridge area.


Rush reversed:


Again this was the same, but Team 1 pushed hard again and after a battle around the Village area, team 2 were pushed back quickly to the Communication centre where the game was called after the 25 final re-spawns were allowed.


The final game was Capture the flag:


Team 1 started at the village and team 2 at the top of the bridge. The flag was placed in the chopper area. After a mad dash, team 2 got the flag first. A large fire fight took place and team 1 secured the flag. After this people were tired and out of ammo etc so team 1 won without too much hassle.




Good site overall

Friendly marshalling

Good games

The game arenas add good objectives to attack and defend

The games vary each visit


Not that many people, so games can become slow and not hear any shooting for 10 – 20mins at a time in some areas.

People moaning about hit taking

People not taking hits

The game area needs some work doing to it for Airsoft to be played there comfortably




This is a good site and a good day out for £20, However if skirmish paintball would put some more money into the site to improve it, then this could easily become a great site that could be run weekly if not fortnightly instead of just once a month.

Just be prepared to bite your tongue should you see someone not hit taking as it’s very hard to marshal with just 3 marshals.
Also in some games, you cannot go lone wolf or try out flanking as they try to keep you in a certain area for fast paced action. I think this site would make a great arena for a weekend game but for this you would need a lot more players.

I will continue to visit this site as I only live 1 mile away and I will continue to tell marshals about the none hit taking, even if it gets me classed as a moaner. I would much rather see the sport more honest than as one player put it “ what’s the point in me taking my hits when none of your players are taking hits” this was untrue, he just thought his gun could fire a lot further than it actually did.


Value for money: 9/10

Enjoy ability: 9/10

Overall: 7/10