SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review

SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review


The items were directly supplied from SHS factory, I had been dealing with both Bret and Laura about the items that they would like reviewing. I choose the items based on my rifles that I have so that I could just do a straight comparison between the standard parts in the rifles I have and the upgrade parts. The customer service by SHS wasn’t that excellent, my emails were answer reasonably fast and when I spoke with them on MSN they were very polite and had good English grammar. But they didn’t co-ordinate between each other and sent me items that I never asked for. But as the average person does not buy from SHS, you should not get these problems from the retailers stocking their items.


The items were well packed into a small box which had no room for the parts to move about in so nothing would get damaged during transit. The box was sturdy and didn’t feel like it would have squashed easily should it have been crushed by another item.


The items were supplied via DHL express and were with myself (bar a miss delivery because DHL didn’t ring my door bell but just tapped the door) within approximately 4 working days from dispatch. There was a long weekend in between the dispatch and delivery. (This was the royal wedding bank holiday and May bank holiday here in the UK)

1st impressions:

Upon 1st receiving the items I went through the package, all the items looked in good condition and no damage from transit. However, a few of the items were incorrect and a couple more were missing parts off them. I will mention these parts later in the individual parts review.

Items supplied:


  • Version 3 Tappet plate (SHS packaged Super shooter part)
  • Version 3 Tappet plate
  • Version 3 Cylinder head for G36
  • Version 3 Nozzle for G36
  • High Speed 13:1 gears
  • AEG shims
  • Version 3 cut off lever
  • Version 3 gearbox spring set
  • Anti Reversal latch
  • G36 hop unit
  • Version 3 selector plate for G36
  • Super Shooter V3 Spring guide
  • 15 tooth piston with 14 steel teeth



Fitting the parts to a V3 gearbox can be a bit tricky as the trigger area does not like staying in place when closing the gearbox up unless you are very careful with how you do it. The best way to work on any gearbox is to get a set of large neodymium magnets and then use these to hold the gears and ARV latch in place so that you can then hold the other parts with our the need for lots of hands in the gearbox (which you don’t have the space for).

As I said in the 1st impression, there were a few parts that were missing parts that i wanted to test which was the SHS high speed and high torque short motors. But these will be covered at a later date when I do more upgrades on my other rifles.



The rifle that I’m fitting these parts to is my Star SL8 which is firing at an average of 320fps. Currently I’m getting good range and groupings of about 3 inches at 25 meters. I will be doing the full upgrade with all the parts supplied and then re-testing the fps and groupings to see if they have improved at all.

The standard Star hop unit seems to be very sensitive and is over hopping 0.20g bb’s with ease. I will see if this is the same with the SHS hop. If it is I will do a grouping test with 0.25g bb’s as well on both hop units.

Before installing parts:


  • 316fps
  • 320fps
  • 320fps
  • 320fps
  • 316fps
  • 317fps
  • 312fps
  • 317fps
  • 313fps
  • 317fps

After installing parts:

SHS Hop unit fitted FPS:

  • 302fps
  • 305fps
  • 303fps
  • 305fps
  • 308fps
  • 317fps
  • 319fps
  • 305fps
  • 316fps
  • 315fps
  • 323fps

SHS upgraded rifle FPS SHS hop:

  • 347fps
  • 350fps
  • 351fps
  • 347fps
  • 363fps
  • 350fps
  • 347fps
  • 348fps
  • 350fps
  • 347fps

SHS Upgraded rifle FPS Star hop:

  • 353fps
  • 352fps
  • 357fps
  • 349fps
  • 353fps
  • 355fps
  • 356fps
  • 358fps
  • 353fps
  • 357fps

As you can see the hop unit on its own didn’t give any good improvement, but it clearly improved when i installed all the other upgrades into the rifle, However the Star hop unit is still far superior in the consistencies in this rifle as it is.

Conclusion and tests:

G36 Hop unit:

After testing the hop up unit against the standard Star hop up, there were some significant differences; the FPS was a lot more sporadic than the constant 313-320 of the star unit. The unit I cannot fault, and if I had broken my star hop unit, I would have no hesitation in purchasing this as a replacement. But as my Star hop unit is in good condition I will be sticking with that part.

G36 Cylinder Head:

The item supplied was the short version, I could have done with the long version but it didn’t cause any problems being the short one. Double O-rings against the cylinder wall giving the added sealing effect to prevent air loss. The item is CNC machined out of aluminium and looks like it would stand up to any strength of spring that you threw at it.

G36 Nozzle:

The SL8 needs a long nozzle which is what I was supplied luckily. I’m not sure if all the G36’s need long nozzles so check before you buy one, the nozzle is fantastic though. Its aluminium constructed and has a sealing O-ring which prevents air loss between the nozzle and cylinder head.

Version 3 Tappet plate (SHS):

Well constructed item and fitted well with all the other SHS parts that it interacts with. It gave a nice strong and stable operation in the gearbox. The construction seems to be of Nylon fibre material.

Version 3 Tappet Plate (Super Shooter):

Fitting this part with the other SHS parts that I was supplied that this interacts with was hard, it would not fit into the grove in the nozzle and it kept sticking in the cylinder head slot. The standard SHS part is much better than this item.

Spring guide (Super Shooter):

I could not fit this part either; The Star SL8 has a quick spring change spring guide so it was not compatible. However I can say that although it has fancy packaging and looks really nice, the bearings on the bottom were seized solid and would not move at all. This was a letdown. Unless they change this, I would advise against buying this item.

13:1 High speed gears:

These are fantastic gears, they are I believe the OEM for most manufacturers like King Arms. The gears give a nice rate of fire and very quick trigger response. They are easily capable of still pulling a M120 spring with a normal motor and higher voltage battery. SHS are my favourite gear manufacturers of the few I have installed over the years of playing Airsoft.

15 tooth piston with 14 steel teeth:

Again, the SL8 has a shorter piston than the one supplied here. It seems that Star has made the SL8 to be a hybrid of their own parts. I will how ever be covering this item in the review of the Version 2 SHS parts that I have to review.

G36 Selector plate:

Another part I could not fit this as the SL8 made by star has a micro switch instead of contacts so the selector plate on the rifle is different to all other G36 gearboxes. I can how ever say that the quality of the selector plate is indeed very good quality with no protruding mould marks that some parts come with that need a bit of a rubbing down to fit.

AEG shims:

The shims don’t seem to vary much in size, I was finding that I needed to put a fair few on some axles instead of a larger one which some shim kits include. If the kits had more range of thicknesses of the shims then they would be the ultimate pack to buy.

Version 3 cut off lever:

The item is made out of steel and is well constructed. However I don’t know whether it was my gearbox or the lever, but it was not fitting onto the post that it was meant to. As the item was steel, I decided to file the cut off lever hole slightly to allow the item to fit and move freely as it should do. This is one item from SHS I would recommend putting in any gearbox to replace the standard pot metal levers that can easily wear out if used a lot.

Anti Reversal Latch:

This seems like all the standard parts on most rifles and upgrade parts also. Its well constructed and nothing to complain about on this. The spring is strong but not over powerful, the lever is made of steel so shouldn’t wear out. If you have lost or broken the spring, you can get these in the V3 gearbox spring set.

Version 3 springs set:

This set carries 1 motor spring, 1 trigger spring, 2 anti reversal latch springs and 2 tappet plate springs. It don’t how ever have the trigger contact return spring that is on this Star SL8, I’m sure it’s exactly the same trigger setup as the Tokyo Marui ones apart from a micro switch instead of contacts. The springs are how ever really useful as if you’re in need of replacement ARV latch springs that are common for either being lost or getting broken, then you have spare springs as well for when you upgrade your rifle. I know that next time I’m upgrading a V3 gearbox, I’ll be getting a set of these springs just in case as you never know if you’re going to loose or break a spring.


If all the parts would have fitted into this SL8 I have, I’m sure it would be an awesome rifle. The parts that didn’t fit, I had a few little doubts about, but they were mainly the Super Shooter parts rather than the SHS parts. There is no doubt in my mind that SHS make some great parts and I will continue using their parts in the future when it comes around to upgrading my rifles. However there are a lot of better quality parts out there for some of the items. I’m not going to give SHS 10/10 for value of money as some of the items needed a slight bit of modification to fit smoothly. But I gave it an 8/10 as the parts for what they cost are fantastic.


Value for money: 8/10
Construction: 8/10
Ease of installation: 7/10
Compatibility with Star SL8: 5/10
Compatibility with other V3: 8/10