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Without our supporters we would not be here today. Nor would we be able to bring you all the content that we do. Here is a list of all our generous supporters and sponsors. They are who have made this review website possible.

We hope that we can continue to bring reviews to the airsoft market and improve the sport that we love playing so much.

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Mad Mercs Airsoft reviews would like to thank all the following for their support with most of the review content on this website.

BO Manufacture

Supporter - BO Manufacture BO Dynamics

Airsoft International

Supporter - Airsoft International EU


Versatile Training Grenade – SWAT

Supporter - S.W.A.T Blank Firing Grenade


Tokyo Model Company

Supporter - Tokyo Model Company

King Arms

Supporter - King Arms

Military 1st

Supporter - Military 1st

Polar star

Supporter - Polar*Star


Supporter - EdGI

PDI – X-Fire

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Supporter - KWC

Action Sport Games

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Supporter - Devgru communications


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Blaster BB’s

Supporter - ASG Blaster devil ammo

YZH skirmish company

Supporter - YZH wholesale

With thanks to ZeroRifleScope for supporting us and allowing us to use their guide

Supporter - How to zero rifle scope


Black Bear Airsoft who are no longer trading.

Supporter - Black Bear Airsoft