SWAT M203 Impact Versatile Training Grenade Review.

SWAT M203 Impact Versatile Training Grenade Review.



S.W.A.T Airsoft (Blank Firing Grenade) shop.

Versatile Training Grenade

I spoke with Blank Firing grenade and swat about reviewing their products and they were very pleased that I would be reviewing their items. They were very helpful with the order even before they knew I was reviewing the items. They got my signed disclaimer and processed my order very quickly.



The Item in this review can be found on Swats website which can be found on this link here.



Packed up Versatile training grenade

Nicely packed within its own container which is a strong tube and this was then inside a tough and heavily padded jiffy bag. I found that there was sufficient packaging on the item for it to be thrown about and still not cause any damage to the parcel. There were live blanks in the parcel and they survived happily as well.


Versatile Training Grenade



I had the item delivered by Royal mail with the special delivery before 1pm option. It was delivered next day and was within 10 minutes of the parcel being over the 1pm cut off. The postman looked ever so nervous handing me the package. Not because of the contents as there was no indication of what they were on the package but because if he had gone over the 1pm cut off then he would have been in trouble.  The speed of which the Item was dispatched after ordering it and it arriving was brilliant. If I was going to a game on Saturday, I could be in confidence that ordering it Thursday before last post that I would have it the next day for that game. The item was posted just before Christmas too so that was even more of a good deal on the postage.


1st Impressions:

Versatile Training Grenade

Getting the parcel off the postman I became a little kid at heart, I wanted to rip the parcel open and look at the contents. I resisted it, got my camera and started the unpacking for this review. Opening all the parts up and having a look it was getting better by the second. The grenade is heavier than I thought it would be. I got it out and it does look like an M203, Its unique but not most ideal for your load outs. I have to admit that it looks 100% better than the Dynatek impact grenade but as VTG does a Flash bang style grenade I would think that would suit load outs more.




The dimensions of the grenade are as follows:



Width/diameter: 58mm


The grenade weights 319.8g and as the instructions says; it’s a heavy item to be thrown about so use it safely as the instructions say.

Versatile training grenade

Safety Instructions:


Here is what the safety document that you have to agree to before purchasing as VTF product says (I edited them to just reflect Blank firing usage):

Versatile training grenade

Important Safety & Usage Instructions


What follows are important safety and usage instructions about your product and use thereof. If at any point you are in any doubt about the safe use, storage or applications of your product seek advice directly from us before use.


General Guidance:

No pyrotechnic, explosive, or blank firing device should be purchased by (or attempted to be purchased by) anyone under the age of 18. All purchasers of such devices must be able to prove their credibility by providing us with full usage data.

No pyrotechnic, explosive, or blank firing device will be used in a public area, and must on be used as defined in the usage data provided by the purchaser. No pyrotechnic, explosive, or blank firing device should be used by anyone under the age of 18.

No pyrotechnic, explosive, or blank firing device will be exported outside of Mainland UK.

No pyrotechnic, explosive, or blank firing device will be sold to anyone who has not signed and returned to us a copy of this agreement and disclaimer and product registration document, which we will hold on file in accordance with Data Protection regulations and home office requirements.


Storage & Transportation:

We suggest storing in a strong, fireproof metal container with only one pyrotechnic in each compartment. Ensure the containers marked to reflect the contents. Do not store the container near any heat source.

Never transport or carry these products in pockets.

Never carry a `strike able’ or ignitable pyrotechnic with the striker cap attached (or loose) in the same pouch or container.

At all times keep away from high temperatures and away from direct sunlight.

At all times keep away from children and minors, old persons, and persons who are unaware of the application of the product.


Blank Firing / Cold Burn / No Flame Pyrotechnics:

Only use approved blank rounds “NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE LIVE ROUNDS”

Never use any blank round over 9mm indoors. Never use 12g (12 gauge shotgun) rounds.

For the blank firing grenade, ensure grenade is properly primed and safety pin is securely fitted before loading, and the top of the grenade handle is being held against the body of the grenade thus preventing the grenade handle from triggering the firing pin before inserting any blank round.

After priming, we recommend allowing a minimum amount time of 30 seconds before loading a round into the top of the grenade, using the adaptor supplied.

Ensure the top of the grenade is securely screwed on to the body of the grenade, using the correct adaptor supplied.

Hold handle into/against grenade body at all times prior to pulling the pin. When pin is pulled from grenade, throw away instantly. Only release the handle on the grenade as it is leaving your hand in a throw.

Always throw underarm, in a controlled manner and at a short distance.

Never throw at another person or animal. Never throw indiscriminately.

We strongly suggest wearing protective clothing including gloves and face and eye protection before handling these products.


Disposal or transfer of pyrotechnics and ownership of your blank firing device:

The disposal of any pyrotechnics or spent casings is your responsibility and should not be left on site to reduce environmental impact.

This would include shell casings from blank firing grenades or similar devices.

In the event of you selling your blank firing device, we would require you to advise us in writing on whom you sold your device to; this is a home office requirement and is good record keeping.

This can be done either by email or through our website under the required transfer web pages. Failure from your part to transfer ownership makes you liable for the device.

Versatile training grenade

Ease of priming:


The grenade is very easy to prime, gloves on, off or covered in mud you are able to unscrew the cap and insert a new shell, I found the force of the blank going off allows it to be easily removed from the cap. The mechanism is self priming so all you have to do is remove the old brass and insert a new one. Like with the Blank firing grenade which is time delayed I found it is a little hard to insert the blank into the grenade with gloves on but you can do it as long as they are not too bulky.

Versatile training grenade

Carrying safely:


Ideally you should only take out 1 blank at a time for the grenade and especially with this M203 I found it best not to load the grenade with a blank until you are about to deploy it unless you are 100% sure it’s in a pouch that won’t let it fall out. I did some drop tests to see if the grenade would go off if accidentally dropped with the safety pin in and it fired the pin out but didn’t go off. If you are going to be taking more out more blanks with you make sure you keep them well protected and in a pouch that can be discarded easily should you have a problem with the grenade/blanks. I keep my blanks inside my large admin pouch in the protective case that they were supplied in. I have yet to have any problems as they are protected from shots by the fastmags in front of the pouch. I have yet to find a place to put the grenade in on my load out so I carry it not primed and in the same pouch as the shells for easy loading. Usually I carry it with the cap screwed off so it’s just a case of dropping in the blank, screwing together and throwing.


Ease of use and deployment:

Versatile training grenade

The grenade is very easy to deploy. Pull the pin and then throw it underarm  as far as you need to as long as it will hit a solid surface and not have to bounce to get to the area due as if it bounces then it will go off. If you throw it against a soft surface (woodland environment) then it won’t go off as the ground absorbs the shock rather than triggering the impact mechanism. If you’re indoors you are guaranteed kills in rooms that you know people are in as this goes off straight away now allowing anyone to run away, (great for trip wires and booby trapping doors). These grenades make for great fun to use.


Costs effectiveness:


The initial costs for purchasing the grenade are as follows:


Grenade: £65.00

Blanks: £12 for 50x 9mm

Postage: £7.55 (1kg, site says weight is 0.49Kg but If your including shells then your over that weight)

Total: £84.55


Put that cost to the use it will get and how easy it is to reload in the field. As long as you keep your blanks safe then you have no issues with carrying spares out into the field. If you put it in a silly place where someone is going to shoot it then don’t take any spares out. I found that having a small tin with cotton wool in it to protect the blanks and then put that into my admin pouch was nice and safe. The grenade was kept in my spare dump pouch. I was not going to have the look of keeping it on my vest held just by the firing pin as the weight could easily pull the pin out.


I never used pyrotechnics before in any games due to costs. You could get 4 grenades for £10 at my last game site and these were 1 use only and didn’t always guarantee you a kill. So if every game I went to I spent £10 on grenades then easily within 9 games I will have recouped the cost of this grenade. Especially as the blanks for the grenade are £12 for 50x 9mm blanks. You can get other sizes but most sites only allow 9mm for HSE reasons.

Versatile training grenade



As with the VTG timed grenade I would love to video one to destruction but I cannot afford it so I have been throwing it around my garden and as much as I can at the game sites I attend. I tried very hard to simulate as much abuse as I can in the shortest period. I didn’t want to rush the review as I know these grenades will be used for years and years. I will keep this review updated should the grenade ever fail on me. The grenades can be sent for repair should they fail as SWAT offers a servicing option for the grenades.

So far I have thrown the grenade (under and over arm) on to the patio and had it bounce off walls, steps, get covered in mud from the garden. At all times I made sure no blank was in the grenade until I was sure that it would not go off with the pin in place. As the pin popped out I never did put a blank in the grenade until I was in a game and then tested it and even though the pin popped out it didnt set the blank off. I went to my local paintball site (which used to be for Airsoft too) and got permission to go throw the grenade around it the woods to test its resilience and durability further as its only a mile from where I live so when not in a game I was still able to give it lots of abuse.

Versatile training grenade



I found that this is a very fun grenade to use, it is especially unique looking. The impact function means that you can get kills in every deployment of this grenade as long as you know someone or a group of peoples are where you are deploying this grenade into. I rated it 10/10 for enjoyment as it was so much fun using it in the games that I used it in (Woodland, had to throw it at solid structures to get the kills).  I would have happily enjoyed using it indoors more too as you know that your going to be able to clear a room fast with this. If you have this and a timed version (review here) then you can deploy this, clear the room and then throw in the BFG just in case anyone survived by hiding in corners. It got a 6./10 on durability as being 100% aluminium it took impacts and deformed where if it had a small coating of hard plastic that still transferred the impact to the grenade without taking so much beating then it would be a 9 or 10/10 as well.

Overall I have been extremely pleased with this grenade. Had some issues using it at a few game sites but as the sites are working along with Swat/VTG to get any problems sorted more and more sites are allowing these grenades to be used at them. Just always ask before use so you don’t get banned. Most will allow them as they are approved by the UK insurers.

I am not too keen on the M203 looks but I will be looking at investing soon in a few M84 flash bang style grenades as well as I said in the conclusion of my timed grenade review I will be getting some more of them when I can afford the initial cost. These are a must for your load out.


Versatile training grenade

Used blank



Weight and dimensions: 8/10

Ease of priming: 10/10

Safety: 7/10

Cost effectiveness: 9/10

Enjoyment factor: 10/10

Construction: 8 /10

Durability: 6/10