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  • How to zero rifle scopes

    How to Zero Rifle Scopes? You’ve just got yourself a new rifle scope, fitted it and let me guess…for some reason your shots are landing nowhere near the crosshairs? Sadly there’s more to rifle scope sharp shooting than just plonking the scope on the rifle and forever after shooting like an SAS sniper! You have […]

  • Custom CO2 VSR10 Sniper Rifle

    Mad mercs airsoft reviews initially started off with one person and their enjoyment of the sport. That person was myself, the editor. I bought a Tokyo Marui P90 as my first ever rifle but soon grew to want to become a sniper. I was offered a HFC 11 which was working but not greatly. It […]

  • Airsoft Claymore

    Ambush or defend yourself with the airsoft claymore: This is the ultimate defense weapon, hidden properly it can be used to defend your position, set an ambush or just used to defend an objective. It is the Airsoft claymore. You can place the claymore in the ground, booby trap objectives or set it up on […]

  • The Art of Scout Sniping

    The Art of Scout Sniping There are many different views of snipers. Many have been created by Hollywood action films such as Shooter or Sniper. People have come to believe that a sniper is a cold blooded assassin, shooting people from miles away with a single shot. These views along with others are mainly false […]