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  • King Arms AK47s review

    King Arms AK47S (Metal and real wood) Review     Supplier:   The Package was shipped directly from the King Arms factory in Hong Kong. The communication was fantastic with the company and when I had a shipping problem they did all they could to sort this out and help me. For a busy company […]

  • A&K Full Metal MK43 MOD0 (M60E3) AEG Support Rifle Review

    A&K MK43 MOD0 (M60E3) AEG Support Rifle Review   Supplier:   Item was supplied from Tokyo Model Company. Their communications were and seem to always be awesome; they understood my queries perfectly and shipped the item quickly. I remember last time I ordered a few small extra parts and they were thrown in the box […]

  • SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review

    SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review Supplier: The items were directly supplied from SHS factory, I had been dealing with both Bret and Laura about the items that they would like reviewing. I choose the items based on my rifles that I have so that I could just do a straight comparison between the standard […]

  • A&K Bolt Action SVD Spring Sniper rifle Review

    A&K SVD Sniper rifle Review   Supplier:   The rifle was supplied from www.acmgear.com I had been speaking to them about if they planned on getting the A&K SVD into stock and they said they had just received one as a test sample and could send it out with my next order. I made the […]

  • M4/M16 Hop unit strip and rebuild guide

    M4/M16 Hop unit strip and rebuild guide Please use this guide as a helpful tool for when you need to upgrade your rifle. The M4/M16 Hop unit strip and rebuild guide should be used as a guide only and we cannot take any responsibility if you lack the knowledge or tools to carry out the […]

  • A&K M4 M16 5000 round manual wind Box magazine review

    A&K M4/M16 5000 round manual wind Box magazine Before I start this review, I would like to point out that I bought this item 2nd hand of a forum. This review should give the readers a bit of information about the abuse it can take from being skirmished before I get to review it. Ordering […]

  • LCT PK01 Modular AK

    LCT have become one of the leading manufacturers of the AK variant of Airsoft rifle. Now you can fully customize the appearance of your AK variants with the help of LCT PK01 modular AK that allows you to use many different parts that they produce to make your unique AK. Do you want an RPK […]

  • W.E Airsoft Europe AK Series

    News on the W.E Airsoft Europe AK Series         Click Here for Details   Click Here for Details     Please see our latest full price list: CLICK HERE To View PRICELIST       Copyright © 2014 WE AIrsoft Europe, All rights reserved. ® ©  W.E Airsoft Europe AK Series  

  • New Arrivals Airsoft International – Dboys

  • Airsoft International New Arrivals