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  • Jing Gong M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review

    Jing GongĀ  M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review Supplier: The rifle was supplied from www.acmgear.com and after discussing the new rifles they had in stock, they said that they wanted a better opinion on the M4A1 from Jing Gong. Gabriel again was very helpful with the matter and agreed they would be able to offer me discount […]

  • King Arms WA M4 GBBR Body review

    King Arms WA M4 GBBR Body review Supplier: The item was supplied directly from King Arms in Hong Kong. As per usual there communications are fantastic. Help is easily obtained from them. There was a delay in sending the item, but that was down to a big show in the middle of talks. Packaging: The […]

  • RA-Tech WA AGM NPAS Kit review

    RA-Tech WA/AGM NPAS Kit Supplier: The NPAS kit was supplied directly from RA-tech in Taiwan. Their customer service is pleasant and friendly. They had already noticed from my website (in my email signature) that I had an AGM M4 and advised me on what part I would need. Packaging: The item was wrapped up in […]