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  • Dboys 3 In 1 M203 Grenade Launcher review

    Dboys 3 In 1 M203 Grenade Launcher review Before I start this review I would like to share my views on the item when I saw it on RSOV’s website.  As soon as I saw it I thought it would make a great compliment to my M4, I loved how you could fit it on […]

  • Dboys M4A1 Full Metal BI3681 review

    Dboys M4A1 Full Metal (BI3681) Review Supplier: Item was supplied from RSOV, Shipping was efficient, received within 5 days of shipment using Airmail, and No custom charges were incurred on the item. Packaging: The item was part of a bulk order and the box the rifle came in was well packaged in a larger box, […]

  • King Arms M203 long Grenade Launcher review

    King Arms M203 Launcher and 40mm Grenade Review. Supplier: This item was supplied directly from King Arms, their communication is fantastic as always. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to become a retailer. Packaging: The parcel was packed in an unmarked box which was very well sealed with tape. Inside the item was wrapped […]

  • Jing Gong M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review

    Jing Gong  M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review Supplier: The rifle was supplied from www.acmgear.com and after discussing the new rifles they had in stock, they said that they wanted a better opinion on the M4A1 from Jing Gong. Gabriel again was very helpful with the matter and agreed they would be able to offer me discount […]

  • AGM GBBR M4A1 review

    AGM M4 GBBR Review     Supplier:   The item was supplied to me by Tokyo Model Company in Hong Kong. The price of the rifle and spare mag came to $233 including postage. The Rifle was $125 and the magazine $26.   Postage:   Postage took 3 business days from shipping to delivery. The […]