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  • ICS Aluminium Piston Review

    Supplier: The item was supplied from Zero one in the UK. My friend ordered this for me as he owed me some money. He did say they never processed his order as they had told him but gave him the items for free after he complained about the large mess up with the order. Packaging: […]

  • SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review

    SHS Version 3 Upgrade parts review Supplier: The items were directly supplied from SHS factory, I had been dealing with both Bret and Laura about the items that they would like reviewing. I choose the items based on my rifles that I have so that I could just do a straight comparison between the standard […]

  • Deepfire Titanium piston review

    Supplier: The item was supplied directly from Deepfire HK. I spoke with Benjamin who was the sales manager. He was very helpful and after a bit of talking agreed to supply this item for review. I knew very little about Deepfire, further more I didn’t know they did some very high quality AEG M4 variants. […]

  • PDI Bore up Premier Palsonite set VC Review

    PDI Bore up Premier Palsonite set VC Review Supplier: The parts were supplied from x-fire.org which are the official distributors of PDI products from Japan. There customer service is superb and with juggling shows and meetings the sales manager managed to help me out very quickly and helpfully. Packaging: The item was superbly wrapped and […]

  • Polar Star VSR10 upgrade parts review

    Polar Star VSR10 upgrade parts review Supplier: These were supplied directly from where they are made in the USA. The suppliers/manufacturers of these are also the suppliers to the USA of EdGI products and Shredder custom work parts. Packaging: These items are in their retail packaging and all put into a much larger box with […]

  • EdGI VSR upgrade kit review

    EdGI VSR upgrade kit   Supplier: The barrel was supplied directly from EdGI himself, Communication was really easy and he understood all I asked, once my order was completed he supplied the payment details and payment was complete within 2 days. Postage: The item was shipped via DHL Express I was able to track its […]

  • WAR4 new products added

    WAR4 have added some new products to their site that they feel you will like: A Blowback M4 Adasaurus $ 160.00 http://www.airsoft-war4.com/details.php?pid=5458 Blowback M4 Free Float S.Armatus $ 139.00 http://www.airsoft-war4.com/details.php?pid=5460 China made Super High-Power Torque Up Motor(Long) $ 22.00 http://www.airsoft-war4.com/details.php?pid=5459 China made Piston Head for AEG (Silent) $ 9.00 http://www.airsoft-war4.com/details.php?pid=5461 China made Piston Head for AEG (A3) $ […]