Tag: Snipers

  • Polar Star Type 96 Upgrade parts review

    Polar Star Type 96 Upgrade parts Supplier: These were supplied directly from where they are made in the USA. The suppliers/manufacturers of these are also the suppliers to the USE of EdGI products and Shredder custom work parts. Packaging: These items are in their retail packaging and all put into a much larger box with […]

  • Airsoft Claymore

    Ambush or defend yourself with the airsoft claymore: This is the ultimate defense weapon, hidden properly it can be used to defend your position, set an ambush or just used to defend an objective. It is the Airsoft claymore. You can place the claymore in the ground, booby trap objectives or set it up on […]

  • The Art of Scout Sniping

    The Art of Scout Sniping There are many different views of snipers. Many have been created by Hollywood action films such as Shooter or Sniper. People have come to believe that a sniper is a cold blooded assassin, shooting people from miles away with a single shot. These views along with others are mainly false […]