Tokyo Marui Colt Python 4″ review

Tokyo Marui Colt Python 4” Review



Item was supplied by ehobbyasia via there Ebay store. There communication was top notch, they quickly gave me a price for the shipping to the UK, supplied me with the invoice quickly so I could pay and get the item shipped.


The postage costs were good, cheap; the item was shipped airmail and was received within 14 days.


The item came well wrapped up in a slightly larger box than the box the pistol came in.

1st impressions:

Upon removing the packaging I was greeted by a nice shiny Tokyo Marui box with the picture of the Colt python on the box, Opening the box the pistol looked beautiful. It feels really nice to hold, Playing about with the hammer you can single or double action the firing mechanism.. the safety is below the hammer and stops the hammer being cocked.  It’s a little fiddly with gloves on, but I found I didn’t need to apply the safety once out of the safe zone. There are 6 chambers where each one holds 4. The fake .357 shells look nice but would been nicer had they been removable like the KWC one. This would enable fast refills in the field to be possible.


Filling the colt is really easy; you flip the cartridge to the side and load 4 bb’s into each fake bullet chamber. Then you fill the bottom of the pistol grip with gas, It seems to take loads of gas which will easily fire the 24 rounds and then at least another 24.

R134a is the recommended gas for this and will give a nice range and power; I found it varied with temperature of around 250fps in winter to 280 fps in good summer conditions.


The firing of the python is fairly smooth, sometimes a stronger pull of the trigger is needed for some reason, but nothing too bad. It gives a nice pop as it fires. The hop unit is fixed. I found with 0.2g bb’s it would give a nice 30m accuracy.  The sights are adjustable for range and windage which is a nice feature.


I found the looks to be impressive but I have to say that the Colt logo is plastic and would have been better in metal. Also the grip seems not to be held in place greatly and sometimes comes loose.

The colour of the pistol looks nice and gives the finish a nice look.


I have taken this pistol skirmishing, its good as a back up of your main pistol but as a everyday main pistol it fires fairly slowly so double-tap is out of the question,

I have run this on green gas but I would advise sticking to R134a or ultra at the most.


I did have one problem with the pistol, it was where the back of the fake shell got pushed in too far and the o-ring popped out, jamming the pistol solid. It took a few hours of careful prising to get the chamber out. Then it unscrews, allowing removal of the jammed cartridge, re-seating of the o-ring and re-assembling and test to make sure it all works properly.


Great little pistol, only really any use as a back up, it is concealable in a shoulder holster. But if you want a skirmish-able pistol I would advise on getting a bas blow back or electric pistol, this will give you better rate of fire for the quick follow up shots. The slightly poor build quality with the grips coming loose is the only major downfall of this pistol. If the firing mechanism allowed it to operate slightly faster this would make a nice backup to your primary weapon.



Value for money 9/10

Build quality  8/10

Performance 8/10

Usability  7/10