Ultra fire CR123A Batteries and Charger review

Ultra fire CR123A Batteries and Charger review



The item was supplied by Airsoft Club from Hong Kong, their customer service did not respond to my emails, it was only when I emailed the wholesale address that I got through to “Dennis” one of the managers there in charge of wholesale. Once I was dealing with Dennis, the process was smooth and they gave me a few choices of items that they wanted reviewing.


The three items that I received from Airsoft Club were wrapped together inside the helmet which was covered in a thin foam style packaging and then placed inside a box for transit. The box was not sealed, just tied together with string. The items never got damaged or lost so this was adequate packaging.


The item was shipped via Hong Kong Airmail and took about 8 working days to arrive. The item was able to be tracked, however I wasn’t supplied this tracking number. This is no problem as it got here safely.

1st Impressions:

Both the
charger and batteries were just as I expected. Apart from the charger which had
an US plug on it instead of either an EU of UK plug which would have made more

Fitment of batteries:

The batteries
just slide into place and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get them
the right way round either with a big + and – marked on the unit and a diagram
of the battery shape as well.


You can use this to charge both 3v and 3.7v CR123A Batteries.

The batteries are used in a wide variety of units from the M6 weapon light systems to a sure-fire weapon light. Mainly these batteries are used for lights and lasers as they hold the charge well and deliver it for a reasonable amount of time. These batteries are 880MaH which will deliver 880milli amps for an hour continuously.

Charge Process:

There are 2 windows, 1 about each battery which I would have presumed would have been for charge indicators, But upon plugging the batteries in and switching the charger on there was no lights at all. I left the charger for a couple of hours and when I took the batteries out they were charged but no lights were showing on the charger unit.


Over all these batteries will save me a lot of money on batteries for my weapon lights, but I just wish the charger had indication lights to remind me that they are on charge and if they are fully charged.

I would recommend these to anyone buying a weapon light, torch or any other device that uses CR123A batteries as it will easily cost you more in normal batteries than the small out lay for a set of rechargeable batteries.



Charger Build Quality: 6/10
Value for money 8.5/10
Ease of use: 8/10
Charger quality: 4/10
Batteries Quality: 8/10