Viper special ops glove review

Viper special ops glove review



The item was supplied directly from the UK supplier of all Webtex, Jack Pyke, Viper and other products. There customer service is fantastic and did everything they promised they would, usually they would respond within 1 hour of my emails and were very polite. They even phone me to discuss my requests more so they didn’t get anything wrong.


Item was packed into a larger box with the three other items I ordered. The final space was packed out with packaging to avoid movement and damage during transit.


Item was shipped via DHL express and arrived lunchtime the following day. The box was in good condition and no damage.

1st Impressions:


Nice dull black with no shiny fabric, the gloves were large which fits a reasonable size hand but I found them a fraction to small for me to be 100% comfortable but are usable still.


These gloves have a full adjustable wrist strap and seals well together with the Velcro. The top of the hand is also adjustable for size in case its too loose for your hand. The gloves provide nice warmth and grip but allow your hands still to breath nicely. The gloves have no knuckle protectors but the palms are very slightly padded which improves the length of time you can grip things for.


The comfort of these gloves is really nice, once on I didn’t really feel like I was wearing them. They were still comfortable after a good 30 minutes of use. These gloves are usable in all kinds of roles. From using a sniper rifle, to a sub machine gun. I used them for writing in, map reading and even typing this review out. (Minimal spelling mistakes were made).


Excellent construction and comfort make these a nice pair of gloves to use. However they do keep your hands warmer then they can breathe so if you are doing a lot of running you might want to choose a lighter pair of gloves. However if your using them in winter or indoor combat/CQB these I would highly recommend.


Construction: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

Usability: 8/10

Fitment: 8.5/10

Comfort: 9.5/10