WE Airsoft Europe Important Statement

Dear Friend’s

Excellent news for WE AIRSOFT EUROPE and more importantly our valued customers – In a nutshell more European factory controlled stock and better service.

Fortunately for WE AIRSOFT EUROPE we severed any ties last SEPTEMBER with WETTI due to their lack of professionalism, commitment, loyalty and service.

Subsequently the market has benefited from quality controlled stock with a unprecedented array of support goods carrying all the legal UK and EUROPEAN certification. This gives the retailer peace of mind and consumer value for money.

IMPORTANT – Please note WETTI are NOT the FACTORY, They are not the MANUFACTURE of WE goods and NEVER have been. So we are quite bemused over there recent statement.

If there is any doubt WE AIRSOFT EUROPE are pleased announce our latest shipment of dedicated European stock with unique quality controlled features such as CE & RoHS applied markings, and QC FACTORY applied sticker.

Furthermore WE AIRSOFT EUROPE are working on new and exciting range of products to be released soon. 

So keep an eye out guys!

WE AIRSOFT EUROPE hope this statement quashes any uncertainty and please note its business as usual.

Have a great day!


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Email: sales@weairsofteurope.com


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