Webtex DPM sniper case review

Webtex DPM sniper case review


The item was supplied directly from the UK supplier of all Webtex, Jack Pyke, Viper and other products. There customer service is fantastic and did everything they promised they would, usually they would respond within 1 hour of my emails and were very polite. They even phone me to discuss my requests more so they didn’t get anything wrong.


Item was packed into a larger box with the two other items I ordered. The final space was packed out with packaging to avoid movement and damage during transit.


Item was shipped via DHL express and arrived lunchtime the following day. The box was in good condition and no damage.

1st Impressions:

Upon getting the item out of the box I initially noticed it was a lot bigger than any other rifle case I had previously purchased. There looked to be ample space for magazines, silencers, scopes, the rifle and even a side arm.

There is 1 large compartment for your main rifle, 1 large pouch with straps (scope, night-vision or silencer would be my guess) 2 ammo pouch size pouches and a zipped compartment.

Also there are rucksack straps and a waist strap for carrying the case on your back, a carry handle and also a shoulder strap for quick shouldering.


The case will take my VSR (M24 style rifle) with custom silencer easily where other cases struggled. The scope and CO2 system did not need removing but the bipod did as usual. The bipod easily fitted into one the ammo pouches and then the other took the magazines (which would have fitted in the main compartment) and a small ammo tub. Scrim net and a concealment vest would fit in the large pouch and the side arm in the zip compartment. Carrying the rifle with the carry handles is nice, with the single shoulder strap the case bends too much for my liking in case it bends the barrel out of shape or something. With the two backpack straps its does not bend at all.

Moving onto my larger rifle the L96 with silencer attached it does not fit, removing the silencer if fits nicely. I did find however that the angle of the cocking handle sticks into your back if you put it in with the scope facing away from the long flat edge. The silencer and magazines easily fit into the ammo pouches as well as the bipod. As with the VSR you still have space for your sidearm, concealment vest and scrim net.

With DMR’s you can easily fit in the longest rifle and still able to carry magazines as well you just may need to remove a silencer. Also the same happens with the side carry strap, the bag bends.

Another let down was the fact I could not open the case up fully and use it as a rest to lie on when shooting.


Comfort with the VSR in the case is superb, you can’t really feel the rifle in the case and it spreads the weight nicely. With the L96 in the case the same it feels really comfy to carry on the shoulders and in your hand.


Great case and a lot more sturdy made than a few out there on the market currently. This will now become my main case I use for transporting my sniper rifles as it’s well protected and big enough to swallow most the kit I take with them. The thing that really let this down though is that when you carry anything with the single shoulder strap the bag crumples. It would be better with a bit of reinforcement in there (even removable for different situations like a tent pole). That aside this has plentiful amounts of space. I would however like to see a range of sizes and styles. Because with this one you can’t open it fully up which some people may like it how it currently is but some like to use it as a sniper mat, also a slightly longer case would also prove useful as then I would not have to remove silencers all the time.


Construction: 10/10

Usability: 8/10

Cost: 9/10

Comfort for transportation: 9/10

Design: 6/10