Webtex Large First Aid pouch with First aid kit Review

Webtex Large First Aid pouch with First aid kit Review


These couple of items that I have to review were supplied directly from the UK distributor of these items. I don’t want to name them as per their request but I have to say they are a very friendly company and very easy to deal with.


The items were packaged well; I can never ever get items packed in the same way that these companies manage to pack them into boxes. Even when I copy it exactly they never fit so my compliments go out to whoever packaged these items. They
were all clothing or pouch items so there was no need to worry that any of the items in the box were going to be damaged. .


The postage of these items took 1 day from when I confirmed what I wanted to order. I was very happy to get home from work to find the items that I had ordered.

1st Impressions:

On 1st impressions I have to say that the medics pouch is well thought out. I would have liked to seen Molle straps on the back to allow for both webbing and Molle pouch fixing. Inside the pouch comes a complete 1st aid kit that you will averagely need on the battle field. There are a few things that don’t come with it that I have personally got myself but I’ll come into those later.

I would recommend going on a basic 1st aid course before buying one of these kits as then you will have the knowledge and also insurance should something go wrong when you’re performing 1st aid. I personally have a St John Ambulance first aid certificate behind me.

The pouch is design to fit onto a standard issue or Webtex British army webbing set.


Fitting the pouch to the webbing is easy; you just undo the Velcro, find a suitable spot on the webbing strap and then just secure it back in place. I fitted mine at the back of my webbing so that it don’t get in the way of my ammo or utility pouches but should I need the kit a quick undo of the Velcro and I have access to it right next to me.


The contents of the kit include the following items:

  • Pouch
  • Medical scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Paracetamol
  • 4x sterile wound dressings
  • 6x safety pins (12 advertised)
  • 1pc vinyl gloves
  • 1pc mouth shield for CPR
  • 6x alcohol wipes
  • 1x micro pore tape
  • 1x triangular bandage
  • 1x bandage
  • 2x wound closure strips (butterfly stitches)
  • 1x antiseptic cream
  • 1x crepe bandage
  • 8x large non adherent dressings
  • 1x small non adherent dressing
  • 1x roll of plasters

I would add a couple of things to this kit

  1. Aspirin – these are the only medicine a 1st
    aider can give if the patient is suspect of having a heart attack
  2. A C.A.T (Combat application Tourniquet) as this can
    help you apply pressure to a wound if you’re alone when you come across
    the patient
  3. A whistle or some means of getting attention to you
  4. A mobile phone (old pay as you go one even) so that
    you can call for help if you’re a lone and need an ambulance.


 The kit has virtually everything you need for treating minor to fairly major injuries until a proper field medic/ambulance arrives. I’m not going into all the medical procedures as imp not qualified to do so, but I will give you a few useful tips. When you make your kit up, put the gloves and scissors in the centre compartment and the rest in the zip up compartments. Gloves because you should always wear them when treating a casualty and scissors to be able to access areas that need treatment.

When you get the kit DON’T remove any of the dressings from the sealed packets they come in as this will make them unsuitable for medical use.


A very good kit and for the price and what comes with it I would say get this if your 1st aid trained and want to be able to help on the battlefield. Just remember all the advice I have given in this review is advice and I will not be held responsible should it be miss-treated.

The kit will be very useful but could have been even more suitable had it have come with Molle straps as well as I could then have switched it between my Molle vest and Webbing to suit that days skirmish load out.

If i’m not using the kit on my webbing I will attach this to a belt so that I always have it on me.

When you use the kit, remember to dispose of any medical waste in the correct places and not in general waste. Make note of times of any things done to the casualty and if they refuse treatment make a note of this and get them to sign something stating this. This is all general knowledge. If you want to learn how to treat casualties properly then go on some medical courses or join one of the volunteer medical groups.


Construction Quality: 8/10
Value for money 7/10
Ease of fitment: 9/10
Contents: 9/10