Webtex PLCE webbing set review

Webtex PLCE webbing set review


The item was supplied directly from the UK supplier of all Webtex, Jack Pyke, Viper and other products. There customer service is fantastic and did everything they promised they would, usually they would respond within 1 hour of my emails and were very polite. They even phone me to discuss my requests more so they didn’t get anything wrong.


Item was packed into a larger box with the two other items I ordered. The final space was packed out with packaging to avoid movement and damage during transit.


Item was shipped via DHL express and arrived lunchtime the following day. The box was in good condition and no damage.

1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box and removing the webbing set I noticed it was fairly heavy and was extremely well made.

All pouches were labelled, no clips were broken and all press studs worked perfectly. Stitching is well done, strong; giving the seams a good tug nothing came loose. Dropping the pouches never did anything which proves these are durable. The set comes with two utility pouches, two double ammo pouches and the belt and yoke system.


Assembly of the webbing set was tricky for someone like me that has never owned a set of these before, thankfully the picture in the online catalogue helped me to a degree.

Make the belt to the right size for your waist making sure the two loops are at the back in the middle.

The back two straps attach to the belt via the two loops on the belt.

Then the front two straps attach to the front top loop on the ammo pouches.

Mount the two ammo pouches, attach the side straps to the back of the utility pouches and then attach them to the belt.

Put on and adjust straps for comfort.


Wearing the webbing you hardly notice it when it’s empty, there is no pull on the yokes and the belt fits comfortably. Loading up the webbing full with magazines, when I had filled the webbing as full as I can with as much weight as I could I wore it to see how comfortable it was. Its surprising how much weight this removes off the shoulders and onto the waist. Fully loaded this was over 7kg in weight but felt like 2kg on the shoulders.


The double ammo pouches hold three magazines per slot and a total of four slots between the two double pouches make a total of twelve M4/SA80 magazines, two AK47/74 magazines per slot or one single or two clamped together G36 magazines. The utility pouches will take a full 5500 round bottle of ammo, two spare large batteries, two speed loaders and a torch in each pouch, this will enable carrying gloves and spare kit to be easy. You can also buy a water bottle pouch which will fit on your back between the two utility pouches.


Excellent construction, well built but just let down by the lack of assembly instructions which is why it scored a 8/10 with ease of use. The full range of adjustment this provides helps to eliminate the weight off the shoulder, Couple this with a Bergen and you would be able to carry more weight and a lot of kit. You can also fit a large back pouch onto this but with out that here its unclear how it fits, you may need a different yoke set but the remainder stays the same. The wide variety of magazines this will carry makes it an ideal assault webbing set.



Construction: 10/10

Usability: 10/10

Cost 9/10

Ease of use 8/10



I have been contacted by a reader of this review and informed that if you use this on a daily basis in the army then it is not up to the job. Here is the following quote from the email i received

“I just stumbled across your review of the webtex plce set, im not an airsofter myself, but i am a trained infantryman with plenty of experience. until youve used webtex in a combat environment you dont know its true qualities, yes it is reasonably good but it is notorious for falling apart after hard use and its generally frowned upon for use in said environment. Issue plce or Highlander kit is the way to go for plce. Also, in that set from webtex it is not complete, you want atleast 3 pouches on your belt, otherwise there are gaps and it can bounce around and go from side to side”